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Stratfor Worldview for Enterprises

Actionable Geopolitical Intelligence for Global Decision-Makers.

Anticipate Risks to Global Businesses.

Foresee geopolitical risks to business interests worldwide and uncover potential opportunities worldwide.

Identify, Manage & Monitor Risk

Understand the trends which have the greatest likelihood of disrupting your company's operations.

Develop Contingency Plans.

Work with Stratfor analysts to address key vulnerabilities across your global corporate footprint by developing risk contingency plans.

Geopolitical Risk Index

Organization-specific reporting capabilities to identify geopolitical risk to your company's strategic interests, tactical operations, and global vendor relationships.

Country Risk Profiles

Country profiles provide an overview, political, economic and security analyses, geopolitical risk indices, plus supporting-data, news, social feeds, maps and an aggregated list of relevant analyses.

Geopolitical Risk Monitor

Stratfor's proprietary Geopolitical Risk Monitor enables clients to track critical forecast scenarios and potential outcomes that could impact a company's strategy or business operations.

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The Daily Brief
Custom Risk Notifications

Maintain a real-time global awareness of the risks influencing your organization by customed alerts triggered by customizable risk thresholds.

Global Geopolitical Forecasts

Stratfor produces geopolitical forecasts looking a quarter, year or decade ahead, on political, economic and security developments worldwide. Each geopolitical risk type is explored at the global, regional and country level.

Stratfor Insider

Stay informed with our daily Stratfor Insider email digest of the most significant geopolitical shifts and changes our analysts are tracking at Stratfor. Easy to consume, exclusively curated for our best customers, and the best way to become knowledgeable of what's important.

Analyst Consultations

Gain new insights and increased confidence in your global business decisions by discussing your specific challenges with the thought leaders who craft our analyses. Put research into practice, connect with an analyst to discuss your questions.

Worldview for Teams and Enterprises

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