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Stratfor Worldview for Enterprises

Actionable Geopolitical Intelligence for Global Decision-Makers.

Navigate the Increasingly
Complex Global Environment.

Worldview forecasts and analyses provides business decision-makers with a clear guiding signal in a sea of noise to develop a more informed point of view.

Understand the Underlying
Significance of World Events.

Stratfor provides unbiased and actionable geopolitical intelligence to empower business leaders to define strategies and weigh investments.

Avoid Risk and
Seize New Opportunities.

Worldview enables discovery of new opportunities and the mitigation of risk by identifying long-term trends and shifts in geopolitical power.

Worldview Global Analyses
& Forecasting Research

Access to Worldview forecasts and analyses provides members with a clear understanding of which geopolitical trends could disrupt even the best laid business plans or present new opportunities.

Global Perspectives

​Key insights by contributors and partners from respected institutions around the world provide additional points of view, commentary and analyses on international affairs.

The Daily Brief
Quarterly Conference Calls and Event-driven Webcasts

Get invitations to exclusive webinars on key geopolitical issues featuring timely quick-casts on breaking global events.

  • Quarterly Conference Calls - Stratfor’s senior analysts discuss the main themes of the published forecasts, including regional and thematic trends.
  • Event-driven Webcasts - Exclusive webcasts around major events provide timely insights into changes that shape the overall global environment.
Stratfor Insider

Stay informed with our daily Stratfor Insider email digest of the most significant geopolitical shifts and changes our analysts are tracking at Stratfor. Easy to consume, exclusively curated for our best customers, and the best way to become knowledgeable of what's important.

Analyst Consultations

Gain new insights and increased confidence in your global business decisions by discussing your specific challenges with the thought leaders who craft our analyses. Put research into practice, connect with an analyst to discuss your questions.

Access to Stratfor Store

Receive full access to all reports featured in the Stratfor Store. Stratfor reports provide a more comprehensive look at key issues shaping world developments today for use by corporations, researchers or globally engaged individuals.

Worldview for Teams and Enterprises

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