• To empower members to confidently understand and navigate a continuously changing and complex global environment.

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Contextualize Global Trends to Your Business Goals

Get customized intelligence that uncovers opportunities and risks associated with strategic planning, critical investment or operational decisions.

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Proactively Evaluate
Emerging Risks.

Gain confidence in understanding geopolitical trends and the political, economic, and security risks these pose for your organization.

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Make Smarter
Business Decisions.

Identify and evaluate global opportunities in order to increase speed to market and make informed business decisions in order to avoid unforeseen risks.

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Improve Your International
Market Strategy.

Understand the necessary global context that underlies your long-term business strategy and strategic planning for international markets.

Keynote Speeches from our Industry Experts
Keynote Speeches Delivering Insights for Businesses, Boardrooms and Institutions

Stratfor’s keynote speakers deliver insightful, thought-provoking presentations on current headlines and future trends for industry events and corporate gatherings. Speeches cover political, economic, energy, and security issues in every region of the world.

Advisory Country Risk Assessments
Custom, Contextual Analysis and Forecasting Projects

Stratfor helps clients assess international markets in context of market entry, expansion or M&A opportunities. Our focus is to identify and forecast sources of geopolitical risk and opportunity as it pertains to our client’s industry and strategy.

Typical engagements include country risk assessments, market assessments and strategic planning support and feature direct access to Stratfor's analysts, consultants and intelligence network.

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Advisory contextual analysis
Insight Into Stratfor’s Proprietary Methodology Through Private Training

Centered on a core geopolitical paradigm, Stratfor’s training program emphasizes the use of net assessments, “living” forecasts and zero-based analysis. The training is customized specific to each client’s interests and breaks down pre-conceived notions and builds a new core framework from which to view and quickly assess global events that will significantly impact your organization.

Access to Stratfor Analytical Experts
Ongoing Intelligence and Analytic Support

Stratfor can dedicate a team of experts and intelligence analysts who understand your interests, respond to your business needs and proactively evaluate emerging events in the context of their specific business objectives.

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Stratfor is your partner for identifying risk and opportunities in an increasingly volatile global environment. Schedule a consultation today to learn how Stratfor can help your organization make the best possible decisions, when it matters most.