Angie Gad

Global Fellow

Angie Gad

Angie Gad is a Writer and Global Fellow at Stratfor who specializes in counterterrorism and intelligence analysis. Angie has published over 40 intelligence products such as, 'ISIS’s Strategy to Divide Muslims in the West, ISIS vs. al-Qaeda: Battle of the Bands', 'Militia Extremists: Threatening the Muslim Community' and 'Anti-government Extremists: Divided After Oregon'. She also authored '5 Years Later, the Egyptian revolution is Incomplete', published on the Huffington Post.

Her past work experiences include serving as a Senior Intelligence Analyst for the New Jersey Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness and as a Security Analyst for Time Warner Inc. Angie received her M.A from New York University majoring in International Relations with a focus on Middle East and Intelligence studies. Prior to that, she resided in the Middle East for over six years and attended the British University in Egypt majoring in Political Science and Economics.