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Jul 26, 2016 | 19:51 GMT

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Understanding the Brexit

The Story of Brexit

The media whirlwind may have faded since the United Kingdom voted in June to leave the European Union, but the Brexit story is only beginning. To help readers understand the geopolitical implications of the Brexit, Stratfor recently released The Story of Brexit, a special, long-form report on the Stratfor Store.

When the “leave” vote narrowly prevailed, it caught many off guard. But Stratfor notes that the Brexit actually began on May 1, 2004. Known as the “Day of Welcomes,” that’s when the European Union added 10 new nations to its ranks: the Czech Republic, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Malta and Cyprus. While hopes for prosperity were high, the varying priorities of each nation and other challenges would weigh on the union.

Learn more about the geographic and cultural divisions of Europe.

The question now is what the road ahead looks like for the United Kingdom, Europe and for the rest of the world. The Story of Brexit explores the underlying issues that led the union to this point and continue to undermine its future, while also broadening the scope to examine the long-term impact on an increasingly interconnected global system.

Download the full report, “The Story of Brexit,” in the Stratfor Store.

Understanding the Brexit

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