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Jun 28, 2016 | 21:57 GMT

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Traveling Safely Abroad

Traveling Safely - A Primer

When you travel, safety is never guaranteed. Whether you’re interested in traveling safely abroad in Europe, Mexico, Asia or the Middle East, you need to know the risks, prepare for the unexpected and know what you will do in case things don’t go as planned. Stratfor provides a wide range of travel safety resources, including the long-form StratStore report Traveling Safely: A Primer. Here are a few quick travel safety tips to get you started.

Know Your Insurance

Not all health insurance will cover you overseas and even if it does, you may need to pay the hospital fees up front. Some plans may even cover medical evacuations in case of an emergency.

Have A Hotel Escape Plan

Not all fire codes are created equal, especially when you’re traveling overseas. One of the easiest ways to address the risk of hotel fires is to learn where all the emergency exits are when you first arrive.

Don’t Be A Target

Street crime can always pose a danger, especially as you explore unfamiliar neighborhoods in a new city. Enjoy your walk, but practice situational awareness. That means leaving the headphones at the hotel, travel with others when possible and only use an ATM in a secure location.

For an expansive travel safety guide, be sure to check out Traveling Safely: A Primer, one of Stratfor’s long-form reports now available on the Stratfor Store

Traveling Safely: A Primer




Traveling Safely Abroad

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