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Mar 24, 2017 | 20:55 GMT

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Stratfor's New Living Forecasts, Coming Soon

David Judson

All of our geopolitical analyses build upon our quarter, year and decade forecasts and in the next generation Stratfor experience coming this spring, those forecasts will come to life. As global developments unfold, these forecasts will offer immediate context and an understanding of how they fit into the broader picture of where the world is headed.

New analyses that connect to the core themes we highlight in each forecast will instantly appear as connected content. That means you will be able to revisit the forecast at any time to understand where our long-term predictions stand at that moment and more importantly, see what’s coming next.

To learn more about these new living forecasts and how they will impact our members’ ability to engage with and utilize our forecasts in new ways, we sat down for a conversation with Stratfor Editor-in-Chief David Judson.

Thanks for taking the time to chat with us, David. To begin, could you give us a sense of what these changes mean for Stratfor members?

“At our core, Stratfor is a forecasting company. We report on the future, what’s going to happen. Unlike the conventional media, we focus on broad trends. And every analysis we create is derived from and amplifies in some way the forecast that we’ve made. To this point, though, the nature of our architecture has meant that the forecasts have appeared as static documents for the reader that pop up once a quarter. We’re now going to be able to effectively connect our long term forecasts and our daily analysis in a way that coherently reveals the innate interconnectivity of our work and our methodology in a way we haven’t been able to do before. It’s a radical new way of sharing insight that I think will dramatically accelerate one’s understanding of the directionality of global trends.”


Stratfor Living Forecasts


How will this change the experience of someone reading the forecast for the first time, or for that matter checking back several months later to see where things stand?

“Think of it as an unfolding story. Each global trend is a book and each analysis is a chapter in the book. They’re all part of a coherent whole. The goal then is if we’re talking about the disintegration of Europe or the shift in political trends or the move from multi-lateral trading relationships to bi-lateral relationships, they’ll be able to see where that trend started and where it is now in the context of a trend that will be immediately apparent and transparent to the reader. It’s a fundamental shift in the way we share the underlying methodology of our forecasting to present that analysis in a more manageable way for our readers to make the best use of the insight we provide.”

You mentioned the architecture of information and how we’ll be able to share insight with our members in new ways. Is there anything they could compare it to?

"There is no antecedent. It is unique and unlike anything that has been done before. We have taken a whole set of new tools and created a new architecture that is appropriate to our mission of forecasting so that the small pieces and the big pieces are clearly connected in a way that shows the full picture of a global trend in all its dimensions. We’re marrying 20 years of unique methodology to an appropriate suite of advanced technologies and the overall reader experience will become much deeper. It will also enhance their ability to make decisions and understand the interconnectivity of the world in a dramatic new way.”

Stratfor's New Living Forecasts, Coming Soon

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