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Stratfor Announces Worldview Enterprise Customization Tools

4 MINS READApr 16, 2019 | 16:44 GMT

Stratfor, the world’s leading geopolitical intelligence platform, announces the launch of Stratfor Worldview Enterprise to dramatically expand business’ ability to understand and manage geopolitical risks that have the greatest potential to impact their people, assets and interests around the world.

Worldview Enterprise will provide companies with the analytical tools to visualize and anticipate those areas in the world where their interests and operations are at greatest risk. Stratfor is excited to offer new levels of customization and analytics on top of the forecasts, event-driven coverage and alerts that are native to Stratfor Worldview and Stratfor Threat Lens,” said Stratfor President Chip Harmon.

Worldview Enterprise builds on Stratfor’s more than two decades of success accurately forecasting the world’s most significant geopolitical shifts. Worldview Enterprise provides businesses with a customizable intelligence platform to help them:

  • Gain visibility into strategic risks;
  • Anticipate geopolitical developments;
  • Allocate global resources efficiently;
  • Increase employee safety.

“What we aimed to achieve with Worldview Enterprise was a completely new user experience in which organizations with significant geopolitical risk exposure could understand and visually depict those points across the globe where their interests were at greatest risk, said Ken Maranian, Stratfor’s Chief Product Officer. “What Enterprise allows these organizations to do is understand both the nature of those vulnerabilities at the present moment, as well as to determine whether, through our proprietary forecasting process, those vulnerabilities are projected to change – positively or negatively – over the next quarter or the next year.”

New tools included in the launch of Worldview Enterprise solution for global organizations, include:

Global Geopolitical Forecasts

Structured around forward-looking quarterly, annual, and decade-ahead intervals, our Forecasts provide expert assessments of the political, economic, security, and technology trends with the greatest potential to alter the global status quo. Insights are organized by geopolitical risk type and are explored at global, regional, and country levels.

Country Risk Assessments

Clients will have access to detailed country risk assessments of the political, economic, and security environments for over 140 countries. Structured around our proprietary Geopolitical Risk Index (GRI), customers will have the ability to utilize tools, alerts and reports to identify, mitigate and monitor their risks and anticipate specific nodes of vulnerability in their supply chains or business operations.

Event-Driven Risk Alerts and Custom Notifications

Worldview Enterprise will enable corporations to set parameters and to be automatically alerted when a specified risk threshold has been reached. This allows leaders to focus on what matters only at the point at which it matters to their organizations. Our platform can be customized to create country, regional, or operational risk monitoring (e.g., “My Supply Chain Countries” or “My Corporate Locations Countries”).

Stratfor Insider

Stratfor’s team of senior global analysts curate a daily intelligence brief that covers the top geopolitical developments of the day. The brief provides the working assessments and insights developed by Stratfor’s analyst team on both well-known, as well as lesser-known emerging trends to keep Enterprise-level clients on top of the key themes reshaping the world.

Analyst Consultations

Enterprise clients have unlimited access to Stratfor’s full-time team of geopolitical risk analysts. Clients can pose queries directly to our analyst platform on matters related to any of our forecasts or event-driven risk coverage. Clients have the ability to communicate directly (email or phone) with one or multiple of our experts, depending on the nature of the query, in order to explore second- and third-order impacts of a given risk.

Additional product advancements include a newly redesigned mobile experience - that brings advanced enterprise features and functions to mobile users. The updates are available for Android and iOS platforms.

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As the world’s leading geopolitical intelligence platform, Stratfor brings global events into valuable perspective, empowering businesses, governments and individuals to more confidently navigate their way through an increasingly complex international environment.

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For more information about how Worldview Enterprise and the Stratfor team can support your organization, please contact business@stratfor.com.


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