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Shared Risks Demand Shared Solutions

2 MINS READApr 23, 2020 | 18:01 GMT

Stratfor was acquired by RANE in early 2020. Stratfor is the leading geopolitical intelligence and forecasting platform within the RANE network of experts.

While COVID-19 has affected every aspect of government, business, life and technology, it's merely exacerbating societal and technological disruption that was already happening at a pace and intensity never before witnessed.  

RANE was built for times like these — because shared risks demand shared solutions. RANE connects people and businesses who need help with a network of experts who can deliver answers. 

RANE brings together institutions and individuals to create a single risk management community. RANE connects those in need of solutions with experts who can help through a technological platform that delivers efficient access to information and expertise to drive more informed decision-making. And RANE does it with the due diligence and risk awareness that drives all of RANE's work. 

RANE thoroughly checks, then credentials experts worldwide into our network. RANE curates and publishes risk-relevant content, hosts knowledge-sharing events and develops innovative risk monitoring products. 

RANE's global network now totals over 30,000 participants (companies, individuals, experts and service providers) across the following primary risk categories: 

1) Safety and Security            4) Geopolitical Intelligence and Forecasting

2) Cyber and Information       3)  Legal, Regulatory and Compliance

In the current environment, RANE's Medical and Psychological connection section is particularly relevant; it provides access to world-class infectious disease specialists and health care experts.

Because RANE is a network-based business, every time a new member joins or a question gets answered or a solution gets proposed, the whole network benefits, because each new member, expert or piece of information increases the network's overall efficiency and improves value for all. And that powers better risk management outcomes.

RANE builds communities. RANE delivers solutions. Because we are all in this interconnected world together — and shared risks demand shared solutions. 

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