Apr 23, 2017 | 21:26 GMT

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Letter from the CEO: Introducing Stratfor Worldview

Dave Sikora

We founded Stratfor 20-years ago on the idea that transformative world events are not random, but are in fact predictable. In a day of conflicting media narratives and hyperbole, we believe that strategic insight and forecasting grounded in the study of geopolitics has never been more important. For those who have been with us from the beginning (and many of you have) or those of you new to Stratfor, we now take the next step together with the introduction of Stratfor Worldview.


Stratfor Worldview will become your primary platform to access all of the insights, analyses, forecasts and industry perspectives that have earned your confidence over the past two decades. Whether you are a professional seeking sober analysis to make informed decisions for your organization or a globally engaged individual trying to see through the noise, Worldview was built from the ground up to help you make sense of an increasingly complicated world.


We’ve transformed Stratfor with living forecasts, interactive community forums, innovative technologies and the opportunity to customize your experience by theme or topic to focus on what’s most important to you or your organization. Worldview also brings you closer to Stratfor’s foundational methodology so you can begin to see the underlying forces shaping the international system the way we do.


I have no doubt you will find Worldview as exciting and engaging as I do. Thank you for your dedication to our work and I look forward to welcoming you to the next generation Stratfor experience.





Dave Sikora

CEO, Stratfor

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