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Discovering a Beirut Rules Easter Egg in Brad Thor’s Spymaster

3 MINS READJul 6, 2018 | 18:01 GMT
Beirut Rules and Spymaster covers

I almost fell out of my chair this week while I was at home reading my advance copy of Brad Thor’s latest Scot Harvath thriller, Spymaster, which was released on July 3. I was just getting introduced to some of Brad’s special operators on their secret mission in the book and was suddenly shocked to see that they were reading my upcoming book, Beirut Rules (Release Date: October 23, 2018), within the pages of Spymaster! After I recovered and finished my copy of Spymaster, I had the chance to thank Brad himself during a pre-release podcast conversation.

“It’s interesting. A lot of the guys I know that go down range are big readers,” Brad told me. “You have these intense periods of incredible action punctuated by long periods of absolute boredom. That’s the way a lot of the work that our brave men and women do has been described to me. There's a lot of them that I know who are big readers, and so I thought, oh, this is kind of fun. Why not put in books that I love, that I'm telling my friends and family about? Why not put those kinds of Easter eggs in my novel? The biggest thing is, people will be disappointed that they can't get Beirut Rules this summer. They'll have to wait for the fall, but it'll just make their appetite for it all the more keener.”

It really was an exceptionally kind thing to do and the kind of generosity that makes Brad stand out, both as a New York Times bestselling author and as someone I’m proud to call a friend. Brad was even kind enough to write a very nice testimonial for Beirut Rules’ book jacket when it comes out in October. “An intense, incredibly well-written tale of terrorism, treachery, and tradecraft,” he wrote. “Beirut Rules is an absolute must-read!”

We also had an interesting podcast discussion on a range of other topics, to include his writing process, spies, the KGB, five-shot Smith & Wesson revolvers and Ghurka bags (two of my favorites).

Thanks again to Brad for his kind words and I hope you’ll stay tuned for more news soon about Beirut Rules coming out this October. And in case you’re curious, Spymaster is a tremendous read! It’s easily Brad’s best book yet and as soon as you read one you're going to be a Brad Thor fan for life. After the first one, there’s no question that you’ll want to read all 18 others.

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