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As Coronavirus Hit, Stratfor Offers Critical Guidance

3 MINS READMar 27, 2020 | 19:30 GMT

History will remember March, 2020 as the month a pandemic locked down nations around the world, killing far too many people and promoting uncertainty that tanked markets, overwhelmed infrastructure and tangled supply chains.

Amid this unprecedented upheaval, media, businesses and individuals turned to Stratfor as a reliable and trusted source for unbiased guidance and risk assessment, offering critical expertise on how best to move forward. Stratfor provided more than 30 interviews to media around the globe, such as El Mercurio, Chile’s largest paper, Arab News (known as the Middle East’s paper of record), The National, which is the UAE’s English-language paper, CNBC Asia, CNN en Espanol, Canada’s The Financial Post and more.

In the United States, Stratfor analysts helped explain the oil markets' collapse, the security risks associated with the coronavirus and military reactions to the AP, the Washington Post, Bloomberg, Washington, DC’s WTOP, ESPN, FOX and CNBC. Like many news organizations around the world, Marketwatch, The National Interest, Business Insider and more cited Stratfor in their own coverage of the coronavirus. Over the last 30 days, that added up to 650 quotes from Stratfor and its geopollitical intelligence analysts.

An AP article entitled, A Snapshot of Mexico's Cartel Landscape Amid Rising Violence used analysis from Stratfor’s 2020 Cartel Report. Reprinted in English and Spanish 176 times, it reached more than 100 million people.

According to a February report by Stratfor, synthetics such as meth and fentanyl offer the largest profit margins. Production appears to be exceeding U.S. demand, it said, and cartels have begun looking to ship synthetics to new markets in places like Australia, New Zealand and Europe.

Zetas and Gulf offshoots are disputing control of the eastern part of Mexico’s border with Texas, including the Gulf coast state of Tamaulipas, a key smuggling corridor. Scott Stewart, a vice president and security analyst for global intelligence firm Stratfor, said Jalisco has also made a play there including in Reynosa, across from McAllen, Texas. He called the conflict in Reynosa 'a free-for-all' with little likelihood of a single figure emerging to control the 'plaza' anytime soon.

To help its own subscribers and clients consider the deeper implications of the global slowdown, Stratfor produced scores of in-depth articles, podcasts, blogs, videos and graphics. To-go content included podcasts on coronavirus associated risks in Africa, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Europe, and Israel, among others. 

As this crisis unfolds, Stratfor's experienced and highly accurate anaysts will continue to evaluate and spot emerging trends, mining exclusive sources for breaking developments and, above all else, keep subscribers aand clients ahead of the curve in this time of enormous change. 

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